Digitisation and Remediation

What is the role of media in preservation? How does the artwork change through its translation into a different medium? What is the materiality of the archive and the impact of digitization?

The workshop considered the potential of on-line software for user-led archiving, and discussed the significance of this for hierarchies of knowledge, and the relationship between archive and text/exhibit. Speakers were new media theorist Martin Lister who gave an overview of questions of digitization in relation to the archive, and the Dutch artist Tjebbe van Tijen, who showed us examples of his own practice where he uses digital media to create innovative forms of interaction with complex collections of material. In addition to speaking about their work for Capturing the Past, Preserving the Future: Digitising the National Review of Live Art Video Archive at Bristol University, participants took a tour of the conservation workshop, and were able to see the digitisation work in process.


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Martin Lister

Tjebbe van Tijen

Barry Parsons and Stephen Gray