Artists Projects

Anti-thesis is the workspace of Geoff Cox, occasional artist, writer, and Associate Curator of Online Projects at Arnolfini, with links to current work, projects, texts, notes, and other things…

Imaginary Museum Projects is the website of the Amsterdam based artist, Tjebbe van Tijen.

Inbetween Time Productions is the website of the Bristol based festival of live arts and assoicated projects.

El rino is a label and general umbrella for the various activities of artist and musician Jem Finer, whose projects include Longplayer

Kamina Walton is a photographer, artist, and creative advisor.

Marcia Farquhar is a London-based artist working predominantly in performance, sound and video.  This site is an online archive of her past and present work.

The Museum of Ordure is run by the Trustees Adrian Ward, Geoff Cox and R Y Sirib.  Everything that is represented in the UK Museum of Ordure (UKMO) is subject to the vagaries of an uncontrolled internal auto-destructive process (not a virus) which slowly deforms and disables all information held in the museum.

Performing the Archive is a Great Western Research funded project that aims to develop the interrelationship and interactivity between the archives and communities of practitioners, scholars and audiences.

Plan b are the artists Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers, whose projects include The Daily Practice of Map Making.

Project. arnolfini is an online experimental production and management system that is linked to the physical spaces and the curatorial programme of Arnolfini.

Rod Dickinson’s art work explores ideas of control and mediation, and focuses on the way in which our behaviour is moderated by feedback systems.  Using detailed research into moments of the past and present, he has made a series of meticulously re-enacted events that represent various mechanisms of social control.

The Song Archive Project’s aim is to develop a body of works that examine contemporary song culture in a visual art context.

Voices From The Blue Nile by Wendy James and Judith Aston is a multimedia study of war and survival in the Sudan.


Adatabase is a pioneering open-source research engine and digital archive for contemporary visual culture.

Bristol Record Office look after the documents, maps, plans, photographs and film which tell Bristol’s story from the past 800 years.  Arnolfini’s physical collection is deposited with the Bristol Record Office. is an innovative online research and reference facility centred on visual arts practice by British or UK-based artists from a plurality of diasporic backgrounds.

Franklin Furnace Archive contains fundamental information about every performance art work, temporary installation, exhibition, or benefit event ever presented or funded by Franklin Furnace, an insititution that seeks to champion ephemeral forms neglected by mainstream arts institutions.

Locus+ Archive (incorporating material from the Basement Group and Projects UK) forms a comprehensive historical overview of time-based work from the 1970s to the present, covering artists’ projects from a variety of British and international contexts.

Performance Art in Wales Archive is a comprehensive searchable database of performance events in Wales and a series of oral history interviews with key artists who have shaped the history of performance art in Wales since the 1960s.

Tate Archive comprises the Archive of British Art since 1900 and the Gallery’s own institutional records.

Theatre Collection, University of Bristol is an Accredited Museum and research centre dedicated to the study of British Theatre History.

Voices in the Visual Arts is an oral history project launched in 2004 by Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.