In 2008-9 four “Rethinking Archives” workshops were held at Arnolfini, Bristol. Participants and speakers at the workshops are listed below, together with their location, affiliations and relevant projects.

  • Judith Aston – Lecturer in Media Practice, University of the West of England, Bristol. Voices from the Blue Nile project.
  • Daniel Belasco Rogers – Artist, Co-founder of plan b, lives and works in Berlin. Daily Practice of Map Making, plan b
  • Stuart Brisley – Artist. London. Museum of Ordure.
  • Yvonne Buchheim – Artist and Lecturer in Drawing and Applied Arts, University of the West of England, Bristol. Song Archive Project.
  • Bex Carrington – Keeper: Live Art Archives, University of Bristol theatre collection.
  • Eddie Chambers – Artist, curator, and writer, Initiated the online digital archive project, Diaspora, which is based on his own archive in partnership with UWE and Watershed, Bristol
  • Paul Clarke – GWR Research Fellow, Performing the Archive University of Bristol.
  • Helen Cole – Live Art producer, Arnolfini. InBetweenTime
  • Geoff Cox – Artist, lecturer in School of Computing, Communications and Electronics, University of Plymouth. Treasurer of the Museum of Ordure, anti-thesis
  • Helen Davies – Access and Education co-ordinator, Arnolfini.
  • Rod Dickinson – artist and Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, University of the West of England, Bristol. The Milgram Experiment / The Air Loom / Greenwich Degree Zero.
  • Karen Di Franco – Artist, archivist and Assistant Curator on the online archive project, Bristol.
  • Jo Elsworth – Director of the Theatre Collection, University of Bristol.
  • Kevin Evans – Arnolfini audience member
  • Marcia Farquhar – artist, London.
  • Jem Finer – works in experimental and popular music, film, photography and installation. An enduring fascination with deep time and space has been the impetus behind much of his work. Score for a Hole in the Ground / Longplayer /
  • Stephen Gray – Technical Support Officer for Moving Images, JISC Digital Media/formerly at the National Review of Live Art Video Archive Digitisation Project at the University of Bristol.
  • Matt Hearn – Programme assistant, Locus+ Archive, Sunderland University.
  • Michelle Henning – Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, University of the West of England, Bristol. Author of Museums, Media and Cultural Theory (Open University Press, 2006)
  • Jennie Hill – Lecturer in Archives and Records Management, Department of Information Studies, Aberystwyth University.
  • Simon Jones – Reader in Performance, University of Bristol.
  • Ruth Kelly – Arnolfini audience member
  • Helen Kennedy – Deputy Head of the Department of Culture, Media and Drama, University of the West of England.
  • Martin Lister – Professor of Visual Culture, University of the West of England, Bristol. Co-author of New Media: A Critical Introduction (Routledge 2002/2009)
  • Gerry Moorey – lecturer at University of the West of England, Bristol, studying for a Phd. on Music and Memory.
  • Barry Parsons – formerly of Capturing the past, preserving the future: digitising the National Review of Live Art Video Archive, Bristol University
  • Susannah Radstone – Reader in Cultural Theory, University of East London.
  • Heike Roms – Lecturer in performance studies, Aberystwyth University.
    AHRC project “‘It was forty years ago today’ – Locating the early history of performance art in Wales 1965-1979″, part of the “What’s Welsh for Performance?” Archive project
  • Talei Rounds – Archivist, Bristol Record Office.
  • Linda Sandino – Senior research fellow in Oral History, Camberwell/ Victoria and Albert Museum Voices in the Visual Arts (VIVA) project.
  • Di Steeds – Arnolfini audience member and former molecular biologist (lecturer at Bristol University). Scientific editor, teaching part-time at UWE; now a theatrical props, costumes and puppet maker.
  • Clare Thornton – Artist, co-founder of the Performance Re-enactment Society and formerly Research Project Assistant on the National Review of Live Art Video Archive Digitisation Project at the University of Bristol.
  • Tjebbe van Tijen – Artist. Imaginary Museum Projects, Amsterdam
  • Tom Trevor – Director of Arnolfini, Bristol.
  • Kamina Walton – Audience participant and visual artist and arts facilitator, Bristol, NGDs (New Generation Documentors).
  • Julian Warren – Arnolfini Archivist, Bristol.
  • Martha Wilson – Artist and Founding Director of Franklin Furnace museum and Archive, New York.
  • Victoria Worsley – Formerly archivist at the Henry Moore Institute, now archivist for Richard Deacon.

The organisers of Rethinking Archives are Michelle Henning and Julian Warren.
Jennifer Macaulay contributed to the early planning of the workshops.